About the properties of schungite

shunga-shungiteSchungite cleans water practically of all organic substances, incl also oil and pesticides; many metals and non-metals; bacteria and microorganisms. 


In the rural areas 30-60 kg of schungite gravel is sufficient to be scattered to the well to clean the water of bacterial pollution, nitrates, oil products, metals and restructure the water molecules to the healing ones.


To improve the water properties put couple of hundreds of grams schungite which has been previously rinsed with the running water to the water bowl and pour 2-3 litres of water on it. Add water, if the water is utilized. Stone can be cleaned with salt or soda.

Look at the video of making the shungite water: http://www.tervisekivi.ee/en/making-shungite-water


water with shooing-shungite

Water which has been treated with schungite filter has a general strengthening and rejuvenating impact on the body: face skin becomes clean, wrinkles and rash decrease, skin becomes more elastic and resilient. Such water strengthens hair roots, decreases the incurrence of dandruff, and gives a healthy shine to hair. Schungite water helps in case of kidney, liver and gall-bladder diseases, mitigates the heartburn, helps in case of disorders of digestive tract, bone and muscular system and vegetative nervous system. Decreases allergic reactions and improves the general tone of the body.


filter shunga-shungite

In 1991 schungite filters were started to be made for cleaning the water. By using such water for drinking and making food, the sick ones healed from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, diseases of bile ducts and pancreas, cholesystitis, hypertension, parodonthosis, different types of allergy, even ezcema – and this all after consuming the water cleaned with the help of schungite filter. 


Add granulated schungite pieces in textile bag to about 36-degree bath water (about 500 g per bath). The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes, not more often than every other day. The latter soothes, decreases stress, strengthens the body and normalizes sleeping habits. Small wounds and fissures on skin heal. In case of regular schungite baths the post-operation cut scars heal, the skin scale, eczema, fungus and allergic rashes disappear.


Schungite baths, pouring over with schungite water and its use instead of ordinary water has a healthy impact practically on all organs and systems of the body. 


Massages with schungite crumbs

To step barefoot on schungite crumbs spread as an even layer for 5 minutes. The elderly people and athletes lose pain in feet and sacrum; arterial blood pressure normalizes. Excellent means for treatment of polyarthritis, osteochondrosis and radiculitis.

10 interesting facts about shungite

1. The size of the fullerene molecule included in shungite is 1nm. This is three times smaller than DNA and hundred times smaller than a virus. Fullerene molecule passes the cell without damaging the membrane. This could explain the healing properties of shungite.
2. The impact of shungite on rendering the e-coli and some other health damaging bacteria harmless is well known. At the same time shungite is not concerning so-called good bacteria.
3. The dabbing of skin with shungite water twice a day hinders the development of some forms of psoriasis and keeps it in the not-disturbing, almost unnoticeable state.
4. The current experience of using shungite water indicates that the digestion of many people normalized amazingly fast.
5. When using shungite water regularly for rinsing face in the mornings (not to dry, dries by itself within one minute), the face skin becomes more elastic and small lesions and pimples heal with a couple of days.
6. The rinsing of hair with shungite water attaches hair, the falling out of hair decreases considerably after a couple of times (important for the ones who often dye their hair).
7. Shungite water takes toxins and poisons, incl residue of alcohol abuse, out of organism. Thanks to its ability to absorb shungite cleans strong alcohol of raw spirits oil.
8. In the course of research tests performed in Russia where shungite water was given to drink to silver foxes, it occurred that the fertility of female animals increased by one fifth. The thickness and shine of fur of the animals considerably improved. By the way, such water is also tasteful for cats and dogs.
9. During the tests carried out in Estonia where all shed started to use shungite water, the percentage of fat in milk of the cows increased by 16% by the same ration. The death rate of young animals also decreased and healthy twin calves started to be born.
10. During the test performed in Estonia, where 300-400 grams of shungite crumbs were mixed into the soil of young oak trees , the latter burst into leaf two weeks before than the similar oak trees growing nearby, to which these chips/crumbs were not added.
Just as the plant is not growing in the soil with wrong pH-level, the guarantee of good human health is also correct pH-level in the body.
7.0 is the neutral point of pH, the higher values of it indicate alkaline environment and the lower ones acidic one.
One good method to make your body more alkaline is to drink alkaline water by adding shungite to drinking water.

The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral adrriinistration of fullerene

Referred to by Tarek Baati. Fanchon Bourasset, Najia Gharbi, Leila Njim. Manef Abderrabba, Abdelhamid Kerkeni, Henri Szwarc, Fathi Moussa


Countless studies showed that [60]fullerene (C60) and derivatives could have many potential biomedical applications. However, while several independent research groups showed that C60 has no acute or sub-acute toxicity in various experimental models, more than 25 years after its discovery the in vivo fate and the chronic effects of this fullerene remain unknown. If the potential of C60 and derivatives in the biomedical field ftave to be fulfilled these issues must be addressed. Here we show that oral administration of C60 dissolved in olive oil (0.8 mg/ml) at reiterated doses (1.7 mg/kg of body weight) to rats not only does not entail chronic toxicity but it almost doubles their lifespan. The effects of  C60-olive oil solutions in an experimental model of CCl4 intoxication in rat strongly suggest that the effect on lifespan is mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress. Pharmacokinetic studies show that dissolved C60 is absorbed by the gastro-intestinal tract and eliminated in a few tens of hours. These results of importance in the fields of medicine and toxicology should open the way for the many possible -and waited for- biomedical applications of C60 including cancer therapy, neurodegenerative disorders, and ageing.


Shungite is an ancient mineral including carbon on our planet which has been used for centuries to improve health. The form of carbon was recently discovered which the researchers and doctors put reasonably special hope on: hollow spherical molecules – fullerenes. Today fullerenes have been found only in shungite among natural minerals and just by that the impact of shungite on mitigating several diseases, preservation of youth, beauty and freshness of human organs and body parts can be explained. The face skin becomes clean with less wrinkles and rash and skin becomes more elastic and resilient. Shungite water also strengthens hair roots, reduces the incurrence of dandruff, gives healthy shine to hair, mitigates allergic reactions and improves the general tone of the body.

Silver Türk, the microbiologist of Tartu University, talks in more detail about the properties of shungite and conducted tests.

Which are the potential methods of use of fullerene in biomedicine?

As to the general background, the introduction of innovations in medicine is today very slow, cautious and expensive. During the World War II penicillin was fast introduced. Soldiers healed – this was a very positive experience.
In the fifties and sixties thalidomide was introduced. The pregnant users of it gave birth to more than ten thousand children with malformation – this was a very negative experience. Today there is a golden time for creating regulations, at the same time the importance of research and development work has decreased. It is known about fullerenes that they could have antioxidative and pro-oxidative impact. The pro-oxidant impact can be generated with laser radiation and if the effect is powerful, it can be used in destruction of something, as there have been indications in the laboratory that this can be used for example in cancer treatment. 
The antioxidant impact lies biologically in practical sense probably foremost in that this is (1) intense, (2) functions mainly as catalyst (is not falling apart as a result of reaction) and (3) gets to mitochondrials with intensive actions: the protons and electrons are moved, oxygen reacts to energy carriers (mainly food), among others important molecules water, carbon dioxide, energy molecule ATP and some free radicals as side product are generated (the specificity of which is reduced by the fact that the inflowing ordinary oxygen O2 is also a free radical and somehow “double-barrelled“, as it has two  unpaired electrons).
It has been found that the molecule of fullerene sticks to the tumour-necrosis factor molecule creating infection and HIV protease molecule.
The first application means that this is the candidate for anti-inflammatory medicine, the second means that it could become a medicine helping to avoid the incurrence of AIDS by HIV-positive patients.
Any other molecules can be actually attached to fullerene molecule which could help the fullerene to better or worse reach where necessary or do whatever is required, e.g. to reach cancer cell and generate more free radicals when radiated with laser.

Which surveys are confirming it?

Fullerenes are mainly tested by animals, tumours of mice etc, but beyond medical system fullerenes are used in cosmetics, in the composition of anti-wrinkle oil.
The latest researches proved that the lifetime of test rats extended by about twice upon the co-impact of fullerene and olive oil.

How was the survey carried out and which were the results?

The survey under question was published in 2012 in the magazine Biomaterials by Baat and colleagues. The test substance was olive oil with fullerenes, 50 micrograms of fullerene C60 with 99.98% specification of purity in ten millilitre of virgin olive oil. The tested animals were rats of Wistar breed. A millilitre of oil was daily given to ten-month old rats within a week, thereafter once a week up to the end of month and then once within two weeks up to the seventeenth month.
The rats received either pure olive oil, olive oil with fullerenes or extra water instead of oil up to the seventeenth month of the survey. All rats that did not get olive oil by the thirty eighth month of the survey were all dead. 2/3 of the rats having received olive oil and all rats who received olive oil with fullerenes were alive. The first rats having received olive oil with fullerenes started to die only in the sixtieth month, after the last rats having received olive oil had died. Death arrived in the same half-year and no diseases could be detected. The olive oil with fullerenes can extend the lifetime of rats up to 90%, at the same time olive oil extended life by only 18%. Additional tests were conducted, it was found that fullerene protects liver from the impact of toxic chemical (tetrachloromethane), but makes the body parts darker (this is substance similar to soot). It is worth mentioning that rats did not die of cancer.

You have also examined the properties of shungite. What exactly and how? Which were the results?

First about bacteria under examination. E. coli is an ordinary human intestinal rod, but also bacillus. Some stems are useful, even probiotic, the others though cause cystic infection and nephritis, bloody or less bloody diarrhoea. S. uberis causes mastitis. P. aeruginosa is not specially causing diseases, but if it does it, then often hazardous and it is very difficult to get rid of it.
I discovered that if these bacteria are put into shungite water, they do not last long and die. This effect is not any reduction of concentration by ten, hundred or thousand times, the impact is more powerful, as control-solution, i.e. water included hundreds of thousands of generators of microbe foci per millilitre at the other similar terms. At the same time shungite is not an antibiotic which works on the growing bacteria also at the presence of food. If you put half of feed of bacteria and half of shungite water, bacteria grow well and the impact on the sensitivity of antibiotics does not exist or is trivial. As regards the speed of arrival of impact, the anti-coli bacteria impact appeared already within two hours, slower in case of pseudomonas. 

What is the impact on the person when drinking shungite water? Are you drinking or would you drink shungite water, why?

I have tasted and drunk shungite water for the purpose of test, it is quite drinkable as to taste. I would drink it with pleasure for the purpose of scientific testing. Is it useful or hazardous?
I think that yes – as to bacteria it is clear that it has an impact that is hazardous to some bacteria and some other even useful, although this increase in number of bacteria by about 20% was not statistically relevant. Strong impact was detected against coli bacteria, generator of mastitis and pseudomonas.

How to use shungite besides drinking shungite water?

Shungite is used in water filters and it really works like that based on scientific literature. I am using it as the material of scientific-technological experiments. I believe that people could also observe, test and compare, e.g. take the vase, put ordinary water to one and shungite water to another and see how the flowers are blooming, is there any difference. It would be even better to test in the aquarium.

Interesting facts about shungite

  • By dabbing skin with shungite water couple of times a day hinders the development of some forms of psoriasis and keeps it in non-disturbing, almost unnoticeable status.
  • The current experience of using shungite water indicates that the digestion normalized amazingly quickly for some people.
  • By regular morning rinsing of face with shungite water (not to dry, dries by itself within a minute), the face skin becomes more elastic and small lesions and pimples heal with a couple of days.
  • By rinsing hair with shungite water strengthens the hair, the fall-out of hair decreases considerably after a couple of times (important for the ones who often dye their hair).

Foreign literature on schungite: 

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In addition to the amazing properties of schungite we offer you the package of classical pyramid size which in its turn intensifies the positive impact of schungite around the pyramid. Be cautious with the top of the pyramid which could emerge negative energy.


shunga-shungiteDifferent scientists have proven that the molecules of substance are subject to some impacts inside the pyramid. The pyramid attracts energy like an antenna and these energies create vibrating fields causing the molecules flow in the substance placed to the pyramid.


A lot has been written about the phenomenal and so far inexplicable properties of the pyramid, so everyone can find interesting information both in Internet and books, if required. Enjoy experimenting!
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