What does shungite do

Shungiidi struktuur
It occurred that water acquires the healing effect in contact with schungite. Schungite structures this, by forwarding its electroinformational matrix. This helps all biological structures of the body to function without damaging the healthy cells. Fullerene appeared to be more powerful and sluggish antioxidant. 
Schungite water has an impact of different levels on the body. This has a painkilling and antiphlogistic impact. Its bacterial properties are unique, the permanent antihistamine impact exists. Thanks to its medicated properties schungite water helps in case of the most varied inflammation diseases, allergies, viral, skin, joint and metabolism diseases. It helps to restore the immune and energetic status in case of chronic tiredness syndrome. It has been proven that the fullerenes hinder the incurrence and development of arteriosclerosis. Another interesting fact – schungite water helps in case of hangover.

Schungite water has a rejuvenating impact. Daily washing increases the skin elasticity and tonicity, exempts from small bruises, scales and swelling. Schungite’s fullerenes restore the composition of skin and accelerate the regeneration process of tissues. 


The rinsing with schungite water strengthens the hair roots, hinders balding and fall-out of hair, gives them shine and silkiness.

Schungite is a universal sorbent. Schungite has no competitors as regards the ability to clean water of hazardous additives. This absorbs 95% of the pollution on its surface, removes turbidity and gives a taste of spring to water. Schungite removes heavy metals, colloidal iron of water tubes, nitrates and nitrites, pesticides, dioxins, phenols, chloral-organic compounds, oil products, radionuclides, viruses and bacteria from water. At the same time the body is saturated with useful micro and macro elements, by absorbing the hazardous ones.Schungite water is used with high efficiency for rinsing the throat, mouth and nose (in case of angina, parodonthosis and rhinitis).